Pups are 5 weeks old and waiting for a meal

Tiki sends you a wink (5 weeks old)

Shag sunning herself on her new deck (9 weeks old)

Stella gets her 2nd vaccination and still loves the vet (11 weeks old)

Tiki is a sweety-pie (12 weeks old)

Stella wants to go, go, go (12 weeks old)

Slider's first swim at Elk Neck State Park (12 weeks old)

Slider likes to retrieve! (12 weeks old)

Slider loves playing with Carly (12 weeks old)

Georgia-Belle takes a nap, sleeping beauty (4 months old)

Sailor like his tennis ball and bed on a visit (4 months old)

Slider wants to help sweep, yeah right (4 months old)

George-Belle pretty in pink (4 months old)

Tiki loves boating (5 months olds)

Sailor out cruising (5 months old)

Georgia-Belle tubing with Dad (5 months old)

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