Riverdel's We Shall Be Free, CGC

(Ch.* Ches-Shores Hunters Dream x Ch.* Chesabar's Piccadilly, RN, CGC)

Date of Birth:
  July 10, 2001

CERF 2007: CB-4612

DNA "PRA" Status:  "Normal/Clear" by Parentage

GARTH is from Piccadilly’s first litter in 2001.  I had selected him and a female from this litter to keep for myself.  One of my close friends who spent a lot of time with all the puppies would always point to Garth and say, I really like that puppy! 


As fate would have it, that friend lost her Doberman to health issues when Garth was only 12 weeks old.   I felt that she had already bonded with him over the passing weeks, so offered him to her.  I had been telling her for years that you need to go through chessie puppyhood to really understand them as a breed.  Her first reaction was NO PUPPY! 


A week later, her husband & I were plotting to surprise her.  Her faced filled with tears when she saw him walking up her front steps. Though her mind had said NO, her heart said YES.  It was a match made in heaven.  She often reflects how raising Garth was a learning experience and taught her patience and how to be consistent.  She now believes that chessies are smarter than most other dogs and some people.  But well worth it, as she wouldn’t trade them ever!


GARTH has grown into a very handsome boy and has proven himself to be of very stable temperament with excellent working ability.  He is the main working dog for one of Mercer County’s top dog trainers. 


Here are some pics of GARTH documenting his adventures  . . .

3 Weeks old - a hungry boy

5 Weeks old - wanting to explore

8 Weeks old - two amigos want to party

2 years old - how long before you throw that thing?

4 years old - a silly grin

5 years old - my pool, get out

7 years old - vaca on LBI, the wind beneath his ears

11 years old - Happy Birthday!

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